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    Standard 15x08 - Age of Innocence | Age of Innocence

    Sam (Linda Cardellini) gets frustrated with Gates (John Stamos) when he gets obsessed with finding a homeless war hero. Neela (Parminder Nagra) is upset at her intern after he gets the entire surgery department into a lawsuit. A husband and wife come into the ER after someone tried to burn down their home. Brenner (David Lyons) loses his cool with a patient and it gets physical. Scott Grimes also stars.

    Gates goes out looking for a homeless war hero and upsets Sam. Neela's med student gets the entire surgical department into a lawsuit. A couple comes into the ER after an attempt was made at burning down their home. Brenner gets into a fight with a patient.

    Brenner and the interns treat a woman who has blunt trauma to the belly and a leg and minor burns. Henry, the woman's husband, is on trial for abusing a young girl and he believes that the people who thinks he is guilty set the house on fire. As the case evolves, Brenner opens up to Morris and makes some revelations about his childhood. Staff working at a storage facility in Indiana track down Morris so he pays what he owes them; otherwise, they will sell the content of the storage room Morris was renting: his father's belongings. Neela, Frank, Haleh, Gates and Sam also appear.
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    Das war ja sehr heftig und gut inszeniert mit dem Mann. Erst glaubt man wirklich, er hat das nie getan, wessen man ihn beschuldigte. Aber gerade das Ende streut ja dann wieder erhebliche Zweifel. Sehr gruselig. Und Simon tat einem mal richtig Leid. Da saß er und weinte wie ein kleiner Junge über das, was ihm angetan wurde. Ich wollte ihn in den Arm nehmen...

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