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    In their second sale this season, Nichole Millard and Kathryn Price (The Game Plan) have set up drama Guilt at Fox with Stephen McPherson executive producing alongside them. The fictional project draws parallels to the story of Amanda Knox. Guilt, from Lionsgate TV and McPherson’s Wonder Monkey which has first-look deals at Fox and Lionsgate, is described as a sexy, soapy, twisted thriller about an American girl who is studying abroad in London. When her Irish roommate is brutally murdered, she finds herself the prime suspect and focus of an international media frenzy. The series will explore the different levels of guilt of everyone in this mystery – from the suspect, to the police, to the prosecution, to the defense team, to the tabloids, to the victim’s family.

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    Ist bei ABC Family und hat grünes Licht bekommen.

    ABC Family Greenlights Murder Mystery ?Guilt? & Tim Kring Supernatural Series ?Beyond? | Variety

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