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Allgemeine Spoiler Season 6

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    Filming begins July 20. Source
    From Amy Sherman-Palladino: "Rory faces her new life away from Yale, away from Lorelai, and living with the Gilmores. And Luke answers Lorelai's proposal."
    Negotiations with Scott Patterson (Luke) for the 7th season are still ongoing.
    No official contract for Matt Czuchry (Logan) yet, but I heard producers definitely want him on for the full season.
    Logan (Matt Czuchry) will be back for the entire season, but I'm not sure he'll technically be considered a regular.
    Scott Patterson will stay on as Luke for at least the 6th season. A deal for a 7th season (like Bledel and Graham have) is not in place yet.
    Lorelai (Lauren Graham) finally fulfilled her dream of opening the Dragonfly Inn and, to the delight of women everywhere, got serious with longtime friend, Luke. Rory (Alexis Bledel) furthered her journalism career at Yale and got an internship at the paper owned by Logan's dad. Yes, that Logan (formerly Mr. Non-committal), now her full-fledged billionaire boyfriend. So what bigger news could be brought about by season 6? Well, both of the Gilmore ladies will have their worlds shaken and stirred, bonding mother and daughter closer than ever. Bring plenty of tissues and cappuccino mix because the 6th season will plop major life decisions onto their collective laps.
    Christopher will be back next season.
    Amy Sherman-Palladino has already written the final scene of the show (which will be between Rory and Lorelai) even though it's not known when the series will end. She hopes to end the show with Rory's Yale graduation.
    Credit: Tosh


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