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Paranoid [ITV]

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    Standard Paranoid [ITV]

    Netflix has joined upcoming ITV drama Paranoid as co-producer. From RED Production Company, the eight-part thriller will air on ITV in the UK and roll out worldwide on the streaming service later this year. The conspiracy mystery centers around the murder of a female doctor in a rural children’s playground in front of an abundance of eyewitnesses.

    Paranoid stars Indira Varma (Game Of Thrones, New Blood), Robert Glenister (The Musketeers, Law & Order UK), Neil Stuke (Suspects, Doctor Foster), Lesley Sharp (Scott & Bailey) and Kevin Doyle (Downton Abbey).

    Set in the small fictional British town of Woodmere, a group of detectives must piece together what happened on the fateful morning Dr Angela Benton took her three-year-old son Luke to the playground. Watching Luke play alongside other moms and their toddlers, Angela is set upon and brutally stabbed by a man whose face is covered from view. His bizarre and disturbing behavior is noticed moments before the attack by eyewitness Lucy Cannonbury (Sharp). Her version of events instantly rings alarm bells with dedicated and compassionate cop Nina Suresh (Varma), but fellow seasoned detective Bobby Day (Glenister) is more willing to accept Lucy’s account of Angela’s tragic murder.

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    [Watch]: First Trailer For ITV, Netflix Drama ?Paranoid? | Deadline

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