The Hollywood Reporter says Apple is teaming up with rapper and overpriced headphones mogul Dr. Dre for a new super-duper top-secret drama called Vital Signs.

Dr. Dre will executive produce and star in the six-part series that's semi-autobiographical—and this is where it gets weird—with "each episode focusing on a different emotion and how Dr. Dre's character deals with it." So it's like Inside Out? Except with more orgies. THR reports that shoots for the project earlier this week in Los Angeles featured "an extended orgy scene," with extras simulating sex in a mansion. So it's like Inside Out meets Caligula! Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae are also attached as actors.

Adding to the oddity, Vital Signs episodes will be a half hour, though it's said to be a dark drama. Empire's Robert Munic wrote all six episodes and music-video director Paul Hunter is directing.