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    Standard Olmstead über das Ende der Serie

    'Prison Break' boss prepares for the axe

    Prison Break's executive producer Matt Olmstead has admitted that the show may be axed in the near future.

    In the wake of poor ratings for recent episodes, Olmstead told Entertainment Weekly: "There’s a shelf life to serialized drama. If this is the last season, we’re not mourning that because it’s been a great ride and we have a great season [ahead]."

    In the event of the series being cancelled midway through the current run, Olmstead stated that the writers will "definitely have enough time to prepare for an appropriate ending. The season finale we have in mind could play as a season or series finale."

    However, he admitted that Prison Break's producers have "absolutely been encouraged by the response" to the fourth season. "It took a while to get the right idea... and to have the audience supporting it is very gratifying."
    Quelle: Digitalspy

    Naja, meinetwegen koennen sie die Serie mit dieser Staffel beenden. Denn mehr Storylines wuerden mir auch ueberhaupt nicht einfallen fuer die Zukunft.

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    Und die Quoten gehen ja auch immer mehr den Bach runter, also wäre ein ende jetzt evlt. sinnvoll.

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