1x01 Pilot
"Just Another Day" by Vivian Romero, Rodney Alejandro, and Ernesto Bautista (Theme Song)
"Bawitdaba" by Kid Rock

1x04 Dawg Days
"Hyots Aghunak" by Seda Garibyan
"Beer" by Trailer Park Cassanovas
"The Flute Tune" by Push
"Rebuttle" by Project 86
"One By One" by Jason Darling
"Ballad of Joliet" by Bernie Marsden

1x05 Blowback
"Love Loss" by Ian Love
"Fumaza" by Los Pinguos
"Get Away" by Danny Wood
"Laraca" by Arte Mixto

1x06 Cherrypoppers
"Loveloss" by Ian Love

1x07 Pay In Pain
"Take Me Somewhere Nice" by Mogwai

1x08 Cupid & Psycho
"All My Little Words" by The Magnetic Fields

1x09 Throwaway
"Nacionabismo" by Cage9
"Lets Ride" by Conejo

1x10 Dragonchasers
"Pull You Into Me" by Hedder

1x11 Carnivores
"I'm Gone" by Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
"Punk Ass" by SX 10

1x13 Circles (2)
"Trouble" by Coldplay
"Nothing's Clear" by Ill Nino

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