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    Standard Radio Interview mit Alan Ball+Co

    Unter folgendem Link findet ihr Radio Interviews u.a. mit Alan Ball,MCH und Lauren Ambrose..(Real Player/WindowsPlayer)..Alan Ball äußert sich auch u.a. zum Staffelfinale!(jedenfalls im aller neusten Interview) Also Vorsicht,Spoilergefahr.


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    in dem Interview wird u.a. folgendes gesagt

    1. The reason why Nate didn't die in the final episode was - to loosely paraphrase Ball - was that Ball wanted the last episodes to depict the arc of how the other characters would react to his death.

    2. Had Nate recovered, the trauma of going thru Nate's illness- and his subsequent recovery- might have brought, and quite likely kept - Brenda and Nate together for a long time to come.

    3. Had Nate stayed with Maggie, she would have had a hard time living up to what he saw in her during that one time they had sex. My take: Alan's probably right. I speak experientially.

    4. Brenda married two more times after Nate's death. My take: The fast-future scenes, as well as the obituary on the Six Feet Under site, only refer to one subsequent husband - so it is likely that other marriage was a brief one.

    5. Claire and Ted married, of course, but not until her mid 40s when she runs into Ted during her mother's funeral in 2025. My take: At that point, it is established that Claire has achieved significant artistic success in New York, so she had to return to Los Angeles for the funeral. Given that Claire's New York success presumably continued after 2025, it's highly likely that Ted moved to New York to be with his new wife

    6. The Six Feet Under staff writers considered bringing siblings Billy and Brenda together sexually, but that thought was rejected after much discussion. Terry Gross said that most of her friends who watched the show were "relieved" that the quasi-foreplay the two characters engaged in was only part of a dream.

    7. It not a certainty that Nate was Maya's biological father

    8. The complete story of what happened between Nate's late wife Lisa and her brother-in-law Hoyt up to the time of her presumed violent death at his hands isn't completely known.

    tja,also nicht mal Alan Ball weiß,was mit Lisa wirklich passiert ist..wer solls denn dann wissen


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